Pencerdasan Semula Cendiakawan Muslim

Mohd Rumaizuddin Ghazali, Timbalan Presiden ABIM

Dibentangkan sempena Kursus Kepimpinan Perdana di Kaherah pada 15 &16 November 2005

Membangunkan Tradisi Keilmuan Islam.

Tradisi keilmuan Islam berkembang pesat dengan tertubuhnya pusat pengajian terkenal di Baghdad, Basrah, Kufah dan Andalus. Begitu juga perkembangan perpustakaan yang menjadi pusat penyelidikan para ilmuan Islam. Pada mulanya masjid dijadikan pusat penyebaran ilmu sebelum terdirinya kuttab (tadika), madrasah (sekolah) dan Jami’ah (universiti). Ada beberapa faktor yang menyebabkan tradisi keilmuan Islam ini berkembang pesat iaitu galakkan daripada pihak khalifah dengan mendirikan institusi pendidikan, toko-toko buku dan perpustakaan berkembang pesat, guru-guru yang mengajar dengan penuh keikhlasan serta kegiatan pembukuan dan menjilid yang pesat ketika itu.

Kita sungguh kagum apabila membaca sejarah umat Islam dahulu yang begitu berminat membaca, mengajar serta memperkembangkan ilmu. Masing-masing berlumba-lumba untuk memberi saham dalam memajukan institusi pendidikan dengan mewakafkan sebahagian daripada harta mereka.

Laporan RAND Corporation : "Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources and Strategies (2003)"

Baru-baru ini sebuah kajian dasar bertajuk “Civil Democratic Islam:Partners, Resources and Strategies” (2003) telah diterbitkan oleh RAND Corporation,sebuah badan penyelidikan dan penasihat yang berpengaruh di Washington. Dalam kajian ini, umat Islam dinilai dari segi kecenderungan pemikiran mereka sama ada tradisionalis,fundamentalis, modernis atau sekularis. Kecenderungan inidiasaskan kepada isu-isu seperti hijab, negara Islam, hak asasi manusia, poligami, hudud, dan jihad. Kajian itu menegaskan bahawa golongan modernis dan sekularis perlu didokong secara halus dengan lambakan dana penajaan, ruang media, platform berbicara dan penonjolan idola untuk dipuja. Golongan tradisionalis pula disarankan agar didokong manakala golongan fundamentalis hendaklah dipinggirkan.

Islamization of Knowledge: Premises, Challenges and Perspectives

Dr. Taha Jabir Al-Alwani (www.islam-online.net)

Why Pursuing the Islamization of Knowledge?

In order to achieve potency and effectiveness in any Muslim "renaissance" endeavor, it is very crucial that the addressed constituency precisely realizes its gist and nature of the discourse; i.e., its foundations, objectives, requisites, applicability and challenges. On the other hand, the targeted constituency should be conscious of the Divine, gets a notion of social commitments as the spirit of that discourse permeates through the society, and realizes the vast contrast between status quo and the sought after 'civilizational' reality, as well as the requisites of reaching that reality in terms of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Masyarakat Yang Masih Alpa

Saudari Aziriza Mohd Zaid

Surah an Najm: 32 “Those who avoid great sins and indecent deeds, save lesser offences-verily thy Lord is ample in forgiveness. He knows you well when He brings you out of the earth,and when you are hidden in your mothers’ wombs. Therefore hold not yourselves purified.”

Tafsir: Allah’s attributes of Mercy and Forgiveness are unlimited. They come into action without our asking,but on our bringing our wills as offerings to Him. Our asking or prayer helps us to bring our minds and wills as offering to Him. That is necessary to frame our own psychological preparedness. It informs Allah of nothing, for He knows all. As Allah knows our inmost being, it is absurd for us to justify ourselves either by pretending that we are better than we are or finding excuses for our conduct.If we try, out of LOVE for Allah, to guard ourselves against evil, our striving is all that Allah asks for.

Nuturing Marital Love

By: Salmaan ibn Fahd al-'Awdah (posted by: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

He bounded up the stairs so energetically that it was hard for me to believe that here was a man of more than eighty years. He had thevitality of a youth. Then I learned the reason why:

Though he had gotten married back in 1947 when he was about thirty years old, he was able to say to me: "I do not recall that I ever once got angry with my wife or that she was even once annoyed with me. And if I had a headache, it was impossible for her to sleep until after I fell asleep." Then he said with feeling: "I can never think of going out somewhere, even to purchase some household needs, without taking her with me and holding her hand. It is as if we are newlyweds."

When, due to a medical operation, she had become unable to bear children, he said to her: "You are more precious to me than children."

Hellfire Indeed, Mr Sharon!

By Farish A. Noor

According to early reports from the scene of the murder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the 67-year old quadriplegic spiritual leader of the Palestinian movement Hamas, was killed by an hellfire missile fired from an American-made attack helicopter, dispatched to its fateful destination by none other than the leader of Israel Ariel Sharon.Hellfire indeed, Mr Sharon – for the retribution that is sure to come can only be described in mythic, biblical terms. If the Zionist regime currently installed in Tel Aviv believed that it could end the nightmare existence of ordinary Israelis – bound as they are by the politics of their own government that has pursued a hateful agenda towards the Palestinian people – via such force of arms, they ought to think again, for as the enraged members of Hamas have proclaimed: “Your nightmare is just beginning”.

Analysts have asked the most obvious question: Why kill Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who was widely seen as a moderate and who was prepared to make some concessions on the question of Israel’s borders as they were set in 1967? And the killing of Sheikh Ahmed follows in the cowardly killing of yet another Hamas moderate, Ismail Abu Shanab, who was thought to be the one most likely to work towards a settled compromise. 

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